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Stone Art Gallery is located on the Zhongyang Street, the oldest street in Penghu. The colorful creations in front attract people inside for a look. Everything in the shop, whether it's the paintings on the walls, the planks in the floor, the wooden frames on the walls, the showcases in front of the counter, or the tables and chairs made from driftwood, all of it is part of the handmade exhibition space created by the famous artist Shu-lung Jen. Most of the artwork in the shop is handmade artwork created from local materials. Included among the artworks are ceramics,painted stone carvings, sculpted basalt, large public art sculptures, painted stones, special designed seals, tridacna shell necklaces, driftwood art as well as multimedia works. So, come on in and start your own art collection. The gallery also accepts special orders for souvenirs and gifts...... Read More 


  Ceramics, Painted Stone Carvings etc.

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